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Choosing beautiful makeup style and curly hair

Appearance is considered very important to the femininity.  Thus, choosing the hairstyle is difficult, choosing the type of makeup is also difficult, because hairstyles need to be in line with makeup to embellish the beauty of a lady. A beautiful hairstyle that fits your face as well as your style, even if it is just a small change, it still makes the girls look more beautiful and radiant. If you are not confident with your appearance, then after watching this article, you will know that you can become more confident and attractive just by hairstyle and makeup. The following images show the girls’ changes after styling curly hair extensions and choosing beautiful makeup style.


Acne skin, dull eyes and straight hair will make her look unattractive, but creating puffiness for the hair, concealing the acne skin, using bright eye color to give life to the eyes can make you look differently. The girl looks more femine with curly hair extensions.


This girl seems to have full of vitality due to curly hair extensions, along with the bright make-up style to brighten up the skin’s vitality.


The spots, freckles in the cheeks will make you look older, but just make up with the cheek cheekiness that this defect looks like you are the youngest,  the short curly hair extensions  style also makes her look more stylish.


Orange lipstick does not suit her, not to mention curly hair extensions which does not have this puffiness makes the face more unbalanced. However, changing the color of lipstick from orange to pink can help more prominent.


This girl looks like an actor with her new hair style and light makeup style.
To sum up, girls shall choose a suitable hair style and learn how to makeup themselves to have the most beautiful appearance in the stronger sex’s eyes and to become more confident in life. And curly hair extensions is a great choice since this hair style is considered suitable for almost girls or women.

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