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Hair extension


Nowadays, the need of using hair extensions is rising, especailly, clip-in hair extensions. Why this type of hair is so favoured?

  • Help lengthen, increase the thickness of the hair naturally for just one minute.
  • The hair extensions are very light, causing no pain, heavy head or uncomfortable.
  • Easy to use and take off , you can adjust the hair length as you want.
  • Hair is sterilized to ensure hygiene, not chemical. The hair is weaved with modern technology to ensure safety when using.
  • You can bend, stretch and dye the hair without fear of hair loss.


Vietnamese hair are made from 100% healthy human hair. The only difference between each set is the weight, length, color, and pattern. The key to choose the ideal clip-in hair is that it have to fit your hair.

The reason why it is so important is because it will help you achieve the most natural blend between your real hair and clip-in hair extensions that makes you more beautiful, sweet and attractive.

If you have a thick hair and want your hair look thicker,  you should choose a thick clip-in hair because if you choose thin or medium hair that can make your hair unnatural. Or if you own a thin hair but want to thicken more, then you can choose thin or medium hair so your hair will not be too heavy which can cause discomfort.

If you have short hair and want to have long and thick hair, you should choose thin or medium hair which is at least 40cm (shoulder length), it will be best suitable for you.

In addition to straight hair extensions, you can choose wavy, curly or dyed and bleached hair to match your hair type and color as well.

Beside choosing a fashional hair extensions, you also should have a right care to help the hair last for a long time as well as look strong and shiny whenever you put it on your head. So that, you can change your hairstyle everyday without afraid of broken it. After using the hair extensions, you should take it off and keep it in a plastic bag. You can apply natural norishing mask for both the real hair and clip-in hair to help them healthier.

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