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Caring for your hair extensions

Hair extensions are favored because of its convenience and fashion. In particular, hair extensions can give you different styles and hair colors without fear of damaging your real hair.

Do not neglect them and consider that they are not part of your body. You should treat them as if they were your real hair, otherwise you would have an ugly, dirty, and less vigorous hair extensions, even the itchy and foul odors coming from them. In particular, Vietnam has a hot, humid climate, which can easily cause hair and scalp problems if hygiene is not maintained properly.

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The essence of hair extension care is that you need to nurture, keep your extensions clean and this is also a way to help you protect the real hair.

Usage and preservation:

– Use a spray for hair to keep your hair looking shiny. If it gets tangled, let spray with warm water and comb your hair with a brush. When combing, you should remember to keep the hair roots and brush down to avoid hair loss.

– After using the tape hair extensions, you should gently remove the adhesive tape from them. If you cannot peel them by hand, let soak them in a few minutes in a dedicated solution.

– After removing the tape from your hair, place it on the shelf so they can hold the shape of your hair. Then use a smooth brush and rinse the dirt with your hair, then apply a small amount of cleanser over your hair and let them stay overnight in that state. This will help you to create the adhesion of the hair extensions through many uses.

– In case of the situation that dirt does not go away, you can soak the hair extension in hair cleaning solution. After cleaning them, wash your hair with regular shampoos and let them dry naturally by waxing them in a shady place, avoiding the wind to keep the hair from tangling.

– When you do not use, put your hair in plastic bags against dirt. You r hair should not be used frequently for long periods (except those with hair loss or baldness.)

Remember, even if the hair extension is just an item that will help you look good, it will stay on your head for a long time, take care of them like a part of your body.

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6 tips for hair care:

  1. Have an outfit such as a comb, brush, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and accessories.
  2. Never comb your hair with a normal comb, choose the right type.
  3. Before using the hair extension, make sure your hair is clean and dry. When you do not use, keep your hair in a ventilated plastic bag so that it stays away from dust.
  4. Do not cut or trim your wig if you are not good at this. You should seek professional help from a hairdresser or someone who is capable of doing that.
  5. If you are cooking or barbecuing, do not stand too close to the stove. High temperatures can damage the hair.
  6. Wash your hair every two weeks if you use it daily for 10 hours. However, the frequency of hair wash depends on other factors such as the environment, the weather and the styling products you use.

Only with these simple steps, you can lengthen the time using a beautiful wig without fear of itchy or uncomfortable scalp. If you love using hair extensions but don’t know where to seek for the best hair quality products, why don’t you try MCSARA, one of the best company in Vietnam provides high quality hair products from long hair to short hair in order to bring girls confidence in front other people.

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