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The best keeping Vietnamese hair extension secrets

With its useful and essential function, Vietnamese hair extension has become one of the best hair accessories for girl. However, hair extension is only a product, like real hair; so it also needs caring to remain unchanged by outside factors. You, like a lot of female users who loves wearing hair extension worry that how to keep their hair product always in a good condition because you all have several common same problems with their hair extension such as: tangle, hair loss… As a result, these are some useful advices for your Vietnamese hair extension to make it stay long and always beautiful.

Avoiding extreme color changes

Frequent dying can damage the hair, but it does not appear to harm your health. Most studies indicate no link between cancer and hair dyes, and in other studies the evidence is weak, the American Cancer Society says. Consider using acetate-based dyes or natural dyes such as henna.

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Perhaps you have a beautiful natural black Vietnamese hair extension but always dreaming of having a charming modern blonde one like famous star  or a blonde who wants to go darker. You should be aware that you’re risking damage to your hair extension with more extreme color changes. Some dermatologists recommend staying within three shades of your natural color. If you love changing your hair color, let choose different colorful extensions which are available to avoiding hair problems.  

Giving the blow dryer a rest

Actually, washing your Vietnamese hair extension is one of the vital ways to take care of your hair and instead of let it dry naturally, almost people use blow dryer to do it quicker and to save time as well. However, frequent blow-drying is hard on your hair and can actually lead to hair loss. When you do blow dry, you should turn down the heat. Finer hair is especially sensitive to damage from heat, but even thick manes need some tender care. You can protect your hair before styling by using a conditioner.

Showering before you swim

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In the summer, going swimming is a favorite activity of many people. However, water in the swimming pool includes a lot of chemical-laden which can damage both your real hair and hair extension. To avoid chlorine damage, you can rinse your hair before enter the pool. If your hair is already saturated with water, it won’t absorb as much from the chemical-laden pool. Moreover, you can use a pH-balancing hair product to further protect your Vietnamese hair extension.

Taking a time out from styling

Changing hair style or hair color is loved by girls for making their appearance always different in front other people. However, for better hair days, the best thing you can do is – nothing. All the tugging, combing, brushing, drying, and chemically treating of hair damages the shafts. Even vigorous towel-drying can damage hair. If you have damaged hair, take a break from styling. As the damaged hair grows out, the new growth will be healthy.


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