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6 Stupid curly hair mistakes you never knew you were making


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How lovely are those curly locks! You might have spent almost your entire life disliking them and going through several rebonding and hair straightening treatments only to have those curls wriggling out in a couple of months. It’s high time you finally embrace your lovely locks, and give them the love they deserve. And as you do that, you might realize that you have been doing certain things wrong all throughout. So, here are six silly mistakes you might be making while taking care of your curls. Avoiding these will ensure the right shape and a perfect bounce.

Getting Hair Trimmed By Someone Who Doesn’t Have Curls

It might be a good idea to sort of doubt your straight-haired hairstylist, unless, of course, you know they have worked with curly-haired clients. I mean, they can learn all about curls in theory, but unless they have curls, they will never really know what it is all about. It always takes one to know one.

Not Foreseeing The Shrinkage

It is a no-brainer that your hair seems longer while it is wet and constricts as it dries, and the same applies to your curly hair. In fact, curly hair tends to coil more. So, it is important you cut curly hair while it is dry. Or else, once it is trimmed, you are going to regret it if you plan to go shoulder length.

Taking The Blunt Route

Curly hair looks best when it is styled in layers. Take a look around you. Most curly-haired celebrities always sport the layered look. Curls of uniform length tend to look boxy or triangular. They tend to look drab and boring, and you certainly don’t want that.

Picking The Wrong Products

All these wonder products for the hair are carefully curated for a specific hair type. Every hair type benefits from shampoos and styling products created specifically for it. And if you have curly hair, it is important to pick products meant for your hair type. You need cleansing products that have intense moisturizing and hydrating abilities. When we talk about styling products, you need to look at definition, amplifying, and humidity control. These pose the biggest concerns to curly hair.

Washing Your Hair Too Often

This might come like a surprise to you, but it is quite true that women with curly hair needn’t shampoo at all. You can quite safely ditch the shampoo and make sure you condition your hair thoroughly. When it comes to hair, massaging your scalp with a hydrating conditioner successfully helps in removing the extra oils. Shampoo will only tend to dry out your curls.

Using Heat To Style Your Hair

No matter your hair type, using heated styling tools, whether it is a curling iron, a straighten or a high intensity blow dryer, will end up in dry, frizzy hair. When you talk about frizz, its effects are worse on curly hair. It’s best to avoid these heating tools completely. But if you must use them, make sure they are always set to low heat.

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