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5 Secrets to Keep Curly Hair Beautiful in Hot Season

If you are also looking for tips to keep perfect curls for your hair, please refer to the tips below!

Natural curly hair extensions brings feminine and romantic beauty for women. However, not everyone who owns this type of hair also know simple but effective tips to care of curly hair, especially on the hot summer days. If you are also looking for tips to keep perfect flaws for naturally curly hair, please refer to the tips below!

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Wash your hair properly

The most important advice you should know is to wash your hair properly. For natural curly hair extensions, it is especially important to note the composition of the non-sulfate shampoo. Sulfate is a dry substance and hair follicles, especially when used for long periods of time. This is simple but can help your curly hair to be strong and not dry and split.

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Even if you have chosen a shampoo that has a low chemical composition and is suitable for your hair, do not wash your hair every day. Many shampoos cause your hair to lose a lot of natural oils. Besides you should avoid using the hairdryer. Because this causes the curly hair to become brittle, resulting in hair loss.

Nourishing mask

You should apply a mask to your wavy hair every 2 weeks to protect hair and deal with the adverse effects of weather and the environment. It is best to use high protein foods such as egg masks mixed with ¼ cup jojoba oil. Apply this mask on wet hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then your hair will shine.

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The second method, you need half the avocado and one tablespoon of olive oil, then take the avocado pulp, peel and seed and then mash and mix with olive oil, you will have a mixture of masks for Curly hair, which is extremely effective. Apply curly hair mask mixture on your hair and scalp and bathe the bathing cap and towel for about 20 minutes so your hair can best absorb the nutrients contained in the mask.


Keep your hair curly beautiful all the time, you usually need to cut of dry tail of hair and split ends. Even when busy, you should also regularly trim to remove bad hair. Remember, cutting hair is also a way to take care of your hair.

Protect hair

Using a soft silk pillow when going to bed is good for your curly hair in particular and your health in general. Because silk pillow helps hair to be less electrified, tangle and keep the hair perfectly. Plus, it’s so soft and comfortable to sleep on. Try and feel the difference between a regular pillow and a silk pillow.

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If you are out, you can also use a silk turban to protect your hair from dust. In contrast, cotton hats and towels will hurt your curly hair.


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