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4 hair extension methods

Hair extension is the fastest “salvation” for the short hair lady. However, hair extensions care needs to be consistent, continuous, and sometimes even milder … than your lover.

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Today, beauty technology grows remarkably with a variety of quick and beautiful beauty treatments that help women overcome the shortcomings as quickly as possible. Hair extensions are a method of beauty that many ladies love in the past few years to save their short hair which they “miss” cut off; Or simply for you to be more feminine, seductive with smooth hair flow. However, the process of making, caring and nourishing the hair requires that the girls take care of them lightly and gently.

Thanks to the hair extension technology that has opened up the women to a bright path, so that from now on, when they are foolish to cut off their hair or to play with light fibers, they have more methods to choose:


These are attached to the hair via little keratin bonds at the tip of the extension which are fused with a little hot tool. These are extremely popular and look great, but require significant upkeep and regular salon appointments for maintenance. As well as that, you need to avoid putting conditioners, oils or heated appliances near the connection, as these things will weaken the bond and possibly lead to your extensions coming out much earlier than they should.


For maximum longevity with this system, remember to condition only the lengths. If you’re blow-drying, dry the lengths first, then tip your head forward to dry your real hair–don’t blast the bonds with heat!

Durability: 3 months, but if you look after them well by yourself you could get 4 or 5 months out of them! I’ve gone this long in the past.


This is a more common method in Saigon, and it is spreading to Hanoi. True hair is lace directly into the wig, then can be added glue for sure.


Sew-ins are cost-effective, easy maintenance and fairly easy to remove. The client’s hair is braided tightly to create a base for the hair wefts to be sewn and attached. This technique is not for every client; not all hair types can handle the stress from the braiding and weight of the extensions. Clients need to have the hair retightened through the four months. There are many different textures, colors and types of hair for clients to pick from and there are many different price points, based on quality and length.

Clip-ins and other temporaries:

This is a convenient and easy method for your hair extensions. Fun and noncommittal but typically “fake” looking, you can wash and style them just like your own hair. They get ratty and worn-looking from frequent use and the quality varies widely. Choose real over synthetic as they’re more durable with washing and styling.


Durability: Highly dependent on frequency of use.

            Fiber Glass

Fiber Glass is like a rubber band attached to the root of your hair. This is the most modern hair extension technique. Fiber Glass is very thin but very good elasticity, heat resistance, compression, elastic maximum.

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