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5 home – made body scrub

Coffee dregs is something that most of us are discarded after processing, but a rare one knows that this is a great cosmetic for skin .In coffee dregs contain numerous antioxidants and minerals work beautify the skin and exfoliate.

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Take care of your face skin everyday

You should wash your face twice daily to keep it oil- free, improve complexion and prevent breakouts. You should wash your face in the morning, when you get up and in the everning before going to bed. You have to remove your makeup before you wash your face. You can also use organic producrs to deal with blemishes on your face. You also have to consider your skin type before opting for any products.

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How to maintain beauty during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings its own set of beauty challenges, especially when it comes to your skin. Along with an influx of pregnancy hormones, your body is changing rapidly and all of it affects your appearance. It's important to maintain beauty routines and confront pregnancy-specific ailments with helpful solutions.

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