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10 Elegant And Easy Medium Wavy Hairstyles For Girls

A great way to out-stand your style is by adding some waves. Nowadays, wavy hair styles can be adapted for medium length hair. You please try a modern twist like textured and beachy wave. There are many technical methods that are used to achieve waves; from twisty buns, pin curls, braids or by using a flat or curling iron. Whatever your style, you are certain to make a statement with one of these medium wavy hairstyles.

  1. Retro Lass

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 1

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Bring your inner screen siren out with this very classic “S” wave style. This hairstyle is suitable for most face shapes. It works best on medium to thick hair. You should also try this hairstyle with a single large barrel curling iron.

  1. Girl Friday

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 2

Let your hair down when the work week comes to an end with fun waves that will have you ready for the weekend. It is suitable for oblong and square faces. This style works best on medium to thick hair. Twist hair into a chignon for an elegantly textured evening look.

  1. Golden Power

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 3

From the boardroom to the dance club, this style will suitable for all events. Especially, oval and diamond-shaped faces are chosen for this style. It works best on medium hair. You should wrap hair in a low bun for a chic daytime style and let loose later for a fresh, bouncy look.

  1. Vintage Allure

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 4

Add a touch of class to this beautiful brunette shade with gorgeous Old Hollywood waves. It is very suitable for round shaped faces. Medium hair is chosen for this hairstyle. Pin sides up into victory rolls for more of a retro look.

  1. Auburn Elegance

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 5

This rich auburn shade is enhanced with light waves and swept away fringe. Oblong and square-shaped faces are chosen rightly. Try different fringe styles from side-swept to full bangs to create a different look.

  1. Surfer Girl

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 6

This relaxed textured look is great for the girl on the go. Surfer girl hairstyle is suitable for oval and diamond-shaped faces. This wavy hair works best on fine hair. Refresh it by adding a few twist or a face-framing braid and pin away from the face.

  1. Brunette Glam

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 7

Simple loose waves add voluminous body to finely textured locks. This look is most suitable for heart-shaped faces. This style works best on fine hair. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add instant body.

  1. Boho Chica

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 8

Add some bohemian flair with loose curly waves that work wonders on light layers. Oval or long face shapes are adapted for this hairstyle. It works best on fine to thick hair.

  1. Cranberry Fille

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 9

Add some french-inspired pizzazz with luscious, bouncy curls. This look is suitable for diamond or oval-shaped face shapes. This style works best on medium hair. You should brush curls out using a paddle brush for a soft french wave style.

  1. Twisty A-Line

Wavy Hairstyles For Girls 10

Upgrade your A-Line Bob cut with a few spiral waves for fullness with soft volume. Oblong and diamond-shaped faces are chosen for this wavy hair style. It is perfect for fine hair. You should add a volume boost at the root area by using your fingertips and rubbing in a circular motion. 

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